In every adult is a little boy scout. That’s why barbecuing is something special.  Where there is smoke, there is great joy.” 

Renato Wüst


Renato Wüst’s element is fire: well known as a barbecuing expert, the Executive Chef of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz takes centre stage with his grill and ensures the tempting smell of sizzling veal cutlets, lamb chops, steaks and fillets of beef is followed by an even greater treat on the plate. Wüst’s cuisine, and he shares his BBQ buffet secrets with acasa, is by no means limited to just meat. Other great loves of the internationally experienced master chef are fish and seafood grilled whole as well as cold delicacies. According to the “GaultMillau” restaurant guide, Wüst’s buffets with vitello tonnato, stuffed lobster, terrines and all kinds of tartar varieties are the best in Switzerland.